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Believe it or not, I do not have a very big wardrobe. It is basically one shelf and two clothing rails. What has made it easy to have such a small wardrobe? Well, accessories. Accessories are the key to styling any look, in my opinion. Its all about the ability to mix up a look with various accessory pieces.

Right now, accessories have a heavy focus on the ’70s era in terms of colour, and overall aesthetic. So its all about the neutral tones, gold accents and chunky sizes. For this season, my go-to, must-have accessories are as follows.


Last year it was all about the hoots. This year it’s all about the chunky gold pieces and tortoiseshell vibe. I must say I am so here for these statement earrings. They are a good way to elevate a simple look as well as transitioning from the office to going out.

Hair Accessories

Those big clips your mom may have worn in the early years are all the trend right now. The big clip, the animal print aesthetic is an excellent way of easing into the print trend. If you are not someone who would wear animal print dresses or shoes, then this is a unique way to feed into the trend without getting out of your comfort zone too much.


Not only is this item necessary (big booty girls will understand) but it is a great tool for elevating a pretty basic and plain outfit. It is good to have a black and brown belt in your closet. I love a solid black or brown belt with a copper or faux gold buckle. It just gives my outfits a chic touch.


Not only do I need them to see, but I enjoy my spectacles. These days eyewear is a statement piece and an excellent addition to any look. You are now able to get faux glasses or sunglasses, and they are a good way of adding a subtle cool factor to your outfits, and you don’t even need a prescription.

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