My Autumn Winter Look Book


It is safe to say that Autumn /Winter is not my favourite time climate-wise. It is so cold and really hard to keep warm. I am a summer baby so it’s natural for me to despise cold climates. However, style-wise it is my favourite time of the year. Why? because I get to bundle up in layers and wear my warm tones with ease. For my Autumn/Winter look book, I kept it pretty simple with staples that every girl has in their wardrobe.

It’s not about going out there and buying a whole bunch of items. It is all about grabbing those essential pieces and pairing them with the current fashion trends.

This is how I put together my Autumn Winter look book. I have added links to similar items so you can shop them.


For this look, I went with an oldie but a goodie – The chunky knit turtle neck sweater. This one is from last season but it comes in handy this year as well. I paired it with my high-waist paper-bag pants which are super on trend at the moment and my chunky white trainers. This look is pretty basic but classic and super comfortable. Not to mention really warm.

London Underground

I have to say I am feeling London underground vibes in this look. This vibe is really out of my comfort zone, but I went for it in terms of colour. This year, bold colours are really in so I took to it by pairing my check print leggings with a red jumper. I added my large bubble parka from last season and my ankle boots.

High Street Chic

If, like me, you find it tough to dress up for date night during winter, I have found an easy fix. Its all in the simple outfit with a statement coat. Not only will this keep you warm but you will look slim and chic. I grabbed a pair of essential black jeans and polo neck – this will serve as the base of the look. Then I got an oversized or long coat and place that on top. I then completed the look with a pair of black heels and you are good to go.

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