How to Build a Functional wardrobe – Shoes

Why build a functional wardrobe?

When it comes to building a solid wardrobe, some may believe its all about quantity. I believe otherwise. I think its all about quality and having a functional wardrobe. It’s about having exceptional essential items that you can incorporate into various looks. This limits clutter and over-spending on trends that do not last.

In today’s post, I will be chatting about shoes.

Yes, ladies, we know that shoes are our first loves and its easy to get caught up in buying way too many pairs. But if you want to build a functional wardrobe that will last the ages, then read up. Here are my top four shoe essentials. They are grouped by category to help you shop or declutter your wardrobe.


Source: Superbalist

Not only a winter staple but a very functional piece in any closet – the boot. It is the right mix to have both flat and heeled boots. I usually opt for a boot with a pointed toe as this adds a formal element to an outfit. For a more chilled, edgy vibe, I go for a chunky heel.

Sensible Heels


Going to a formal function, job interview or a special occasion, this is where the sensible heel plays a massive role in bringing an ordinary outfit and adding class to it. I usually have a brogue laying around for those days when boots may be too much.

Semi-Casual Flats


You know those outings that are not casual enough for sneakers, but heels are too formal. HAHA, you know what I am talking about – then a mule or espadrilles are the ideal shoes for those dates to the park, coffee outings or casual work functions.

Casual Flats


Personally, my favourite category, casual flats – aka – sneaker heaven. Sneakers are great for everything from dresses, skirts, jeans – you name it. It is a must to have an excellent white sneaker in your wardrobe as it goes with absolutely everything. For pool days, a slider is always a good option or flip flops if that’s your thing.

You don’t need 100 pairs of shoes. All its takes are 10-15 pairs to build a good variety. You can play around with colour, but make sure you have a great black, white and brown option as they work well with pretty much any look.

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