My July Goals: The Importance of Goal Setting

Why is goal setting so important?

As you may have noticed after a month of consistent posting, I took a week-long break from YouTube, Social media and my blog. Something happened in my family that shook us all to our core and will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

But in that time, my mind began to wonder about the power of goal setting and the impact it can have on the various aspects of your life. Since May, I have been actively doing a bullet journal with a sole focus on setting goals, thinking about what I am grateful for and praying into various areas.

I found goal setting to be so important in this phase of my life solely because I am creeping up on 30 and there are many things I would like to achieve going into this new phase of my life. You are probably wondering why am I sharing this with you? Well, I believe sharing goals assist with accountability. That way people can assist you in reaching those goals – maybe even help to reach them at a quicker pace.

How to set goals?

When it comes to goal setting, I break it down into five categories – namely – career, physical, mental, financial and relationships. The reasons for doing this is so that I create realistic and intentional goals. Goals are meant to be specific therefore categories help to do just that.

My July Goals

For my sake and so that you all can keep me accountable, I will be doing monthly goal blog posts to review the previous month’s journey and set new goals for the month ahead. So here are my July Goals.

Career Goals

  • Increase the visibility of my company through brand awareness. (This applies to my 9 to 5 career)
  • Luna Life: Work with a local fashion brand that caters to sizes bigger than a size 36. It has been a dream of mine to work with a clothing brand, so I would like to work with a local one that represents ladies with my figure.

Physical Goals

  • Get more active. I would like to spend more time outdoors and getting to a fitter place. Not only to lose a bit of weight but to better my breathing and increase my energy levels.

Mental Goals

  • Take more risks. This is more referring to fashion. I would like to express my creativity more when dressing. I have all these ideas in my head and I would like to finally get them out through fashion.

Financial Goals

  • Decrease unnecessary debt. Now we all know that there is necessary debt that you need to have a credit record and there is superfluous debt that should be avoided. It is my goal to clear this by next year; thus, I need to be disciplined with my spending.

Relationship Goals

  • My Marriage – I would love to go on date with my husband minus baby. We have neglected this. Yes, we spend time together at home but it been a while since we have been out without Layla.
  • Family – I would like to get closer with my extended family and get more involved with what they are doing.

It is my hope that this post inspires you, to take the time out to get perspective on what is important and what you would like to achieve. It is too often we consume too much of what other people are doing and rarely take time to evaluate ourselves and what we want out of life. That’s why goal setting is so important so that you can suck every inch of marrow this life has to offer. So get to it!

Gabriella 'Luna' Jaftha

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