Baby Must-Haves: Five Baby Items

At around month six of my pregnancy, I went into early nesting mode. What’s nesting, you ask? It is basically building the space for your new bundle of joy. Nesting is making sure you have all the things your baby needs and of course getting the items you need to be the best possible mum to your baby.

This process sent me into a list making frenzy. I made a list of all the things I wanted before Layla was born. That being said, I took researching to another level and compiled and list of must-have items.

The Power of Nesting

Therefore I found it only appropriate to make my must-have list for a new baby. These items are well researched and have amazing results. But it has to be said that each baby is different and each mother has their lists. The items on my list are still helpful to this day and my baby is three months old. Disclaimer – the items on this list have a long shelf-life as well. Meaning Layla will use them for years to come and my next little one can enjoy them as well.

In the early days of motherhood, these five items had multiple functions and assisted me in taking care of my baby, myself, my home as well as my husband.

For this video, is a mixture of PR gifts and items I got at my baby shower as well as items Emmanuel and I got while getting ready for Layla’s arrival. I hope you enjoy this video and that it helps your nesting and get ready for your new bundle of happiness.

Thank you for the wonderful makers of Ubuntu Baba for sending us the wonderful carrier.

To find out more about them visit the website by clicking here. Oh and be sure to follow them on Instagram.

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