Baby Bullet First Impressions

Trying The Baby Bullet for the first time.

The time has finally arrived! Yes, my baby girl has finally gotten to takes something other than formula. I must admit that this phase is pretty intimidating. For weeks leading up to her having her first meal, I read up on so many things, like what spoon to use, what would be the best high chair for her and what I should give her for her first meal.

But I was super confident in my baby food making skills.

Over the weekend, I got to try out our BabyBullet for the first time, and I was super impressed with it.

Want to see my first impressions and Layla enjoying her first meal, keep on watching.

If you are interested in the Baby Bullet it retails for R1599, and it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Visit to find your nearest stockist.

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