My Delivery Story: 5 Tips For Recovery from C-Section


Guess who’s back? YES! Luna Life is finally sitting down to do a blog post. What better way to start blogging again than sharing a life-changing event in the life of MS ‘Luna Life’ – Yes, this is my delivery by C-Section story folks.

Disclaimer – I am in no way a medical professional, midwife or Doula and this journey is different for everyone. I just felt my journey could assist you wonderful ladies out there on how to slay this mama game after delivering your little one via C-Section. So, here is my delivery story – enjoy!


I am not going to talk about my pregnancy journey because this blog post will become way too long. So, I am going to fast forward to the last week in February 2019. Layla was due to be born on the 1st of March, however with my last check-up, a week before my due date, the baby was showing no signs of dropping into position. My doctor scheduled me for another visit a week later. That week I did all I could “naturally” to get this madam to drop it low.

From walking around, swimming, bouncing on an exercise ball, to spending some close-up time with the Mr Luna Life – but Lady Layla was not budging.

We headed to the doctor on the 28th and got the news that the fluid in my womb was super low and a C-section was our only option. I immediately took the bull by the horns and asked them to schedule it for that very day.

So that night, on the 28th, I headed to theatre with Mr Lu Life (Yes, I will be calling him that now), and we welcomed our baby girl into the world.


I have to say that I was terrified of the idea of having a C-Section. I did everything in my power to avoid the possibility. But things turned out differently, and I can honestly say, C-sections are heaven sent. Are you probably thinking, What the heck, is this chick cray? Well, I am a little but honestly, doing it this way, there was more control, and many safety measures in place. Yes, there are risks, like with anything. I just felt more at ease knowing what was going to happen before it happened.


Yes, the drawback of a C-section is the recovery time. But there are many ways to get through it. Here are my five recovery tips after undergoing a C-Section Delivery. These may differ depending on your situation, but you will get the overall idea.

  1. Start moving as soon as possible.

Begin with light movements, like walking from your bedroom to the kitchen and back. Avoid bending too much and make sure you are sitting in comfortable positions.

  1. Do things that make you feel like you.

After being discharged from the hospital, get home and do things that make you feel good. I remembered the day after being discharged, I gave myself a facial; I washed my hair and shaved my legs. Make yourself feel good because you have earned it mama.

  1. Ask for help

For the first week, it is best to delegate some tasks to your spouse or family member. Like making sure the fridge is stocked, cooking dinner and cleaning the house. This will clear your mind and help you focus on taking care of baby and yourself.

  1. Sleep when the baby is sleeping

Sleep is excellent for recovery. Get those naps in whenever you can as sleep promotes proper healing for both your mental and physical state.

  1. Listen to your doctor

When being discharged your doctor will give you care instruction. Take these to heart. Everything from medication to wound care. These instructions will benefit you and assist you with the healing process.

I hope this post has enlightened you and made you feel at ease about the idea of a C-Section. Remember to listen to your body. Everyone heals at a different pace but remember to eat healthily, sleep as much as you can and keep moving – you are doing well.

Gabriella 'Luna' Jaftha

Hi, I am Content Creator - Gabriella Jazzmin Jaftha, but you can call me Luna. Welcome to my blog all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I am a mom to Layla Hunter and a wife to Emmanuel Jaftha. Here is where I share life lessons, beauty tips and fashion advice.

  1. I don’t have a baby but I am always happy when mothers can recover from pregnancy and share their stories with us. There’s always someone that it could help ❤️

    1. I feel like there aren’t many C-section stories out there. That’s why I felt it was so important to share my positive one. I remember when they told me I might have one I googled so much and didn’t find anything that helped me. All I could find where stories that freaked me out.

      Super Happy to share my amazing one

  2. Great tips gir the ladies especially the moving part and sleeping when the baby is sleeping that helps a lot.

    Just to add one more tip: stay away from fizzy drinks because they will sloe down your healing process

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