My May Favourites: Things I love this month

It is with great joy that I share with you my first monthly favourites video. Okay, this might be my second. But I am super happy that I am doing videos again. I have to say I missed doing them.

For this video I will be chatting about my favorite beauty products, lifestyle products and podcasts. These are things I have enjoyed using and discovering this month.

My Beauty, Lifestyle & Podcast Favourites

For my beauty favourites, I will be talking about a new Pond’s moisturiser I have tried. Furthermore, I will chat about, my favourite foundation as well as a cuticle care product.

The lifestyle favourites for this month, I mentioned the art of bullet journalling as well as print media for blog and fashion inspiration.

I recently got into listening to podcasts. So far, I have enjoyed three podcasts that focus on storytelling, motivations and personal growth. Check out my May Favorites video to hear all about it.

If you have any suggestions for new products I should try or your favourite podcasts or lifestyle items, comment below. I would love to hear them and possibly try them out.

These may just seem like physical things, I know. However, they do have a minor impact on my well being and mental health. So I will continue to share these things with you. I would love to inspire you to take care of yourself in any tiny way possible.

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Gabriella 'Luna' Jaftha

Hi, I am Content Creator - Gabriella Jazzmin Jaftha, but you can call me Luna. Welcome to my blog all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I am a mom to Layla Hunter and a wife to Emmanuel Jaftha. Here is where I share life lessons, beauty tips and fashion advice.

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